Welcome to my website. In case you can't guess from the name of my site, my name is Shona. I am a busy mother of 4 boys, all under 5, and I spend most of my time cooking, cleaning, crafting and looking after my boys. sells my handicrafts:
blankets, patchwork quilts, bunting, aprons, oven gloves, tea cosies, cushions, clothes and more.
Everything in my shop is completely handmade and a unique, one of a kind item - think of them as collectibles of the future! The fabric is handpicked & some is even specially imported from America, meaning that my products are very different from the majority of items available in Britain.
Please have a look round to see what is available at present, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to commission a special custom order.

Thank you for looking.

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